From development to assembly
Revenue improvements can be achieved in various ways.

More and more companies work with lean-processes to prevent costs in the chain. LKL Staal thinks with you.

Not only logistically (designing the supply chain), but also for improvements in other areas.

Are your products manufactured efficiently?
Can a redesign result in savings?
Might it be more efficient to move part of your production to China?

LKL Staal achieves savings for its customers by:

  • Saving on weight while maintaining strength
  •             Cost price lowering of the product (Changing welding parts to casting parts)
  •       Cost price lowering of an assembled product
  •       More efficient logistic design
  •         Reduction of rejection costs

        Each customer is unique, and each process is unique This is why it is important to see what you need, and what you do not need, to ensure you have the optimal delivery of your products.



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