Casting simulations

Casting simulations

Casting simulations

Casting in China is often done based on the experience of the caster. The result is often a 'trial and error' process, in which it can take a long time before the products are good. History teaches us that knowledge about the casting process is often lacking, or dependent on certain persons in the foundry. 

There are also questions about products already being ordered, but where air gaps or shrinking holes (blow holes) are visible after processing. A casting simulation can help in these situations. The present situation is first simulated, after which an optimal casting shape can be designed.

To guarantee a stable process, LKL Staal has decided to secure this knowledge. When a product is in a critical state, the casting simulation is made (lost wax casting, sand casting, aluminium (high pressure casting, etc.) Employees of LKL Staal in China inspect the process.

Determining the correct casting configuration during the production is a relatively complex process and the result cannot always be predicted.

Thanks to the long and intensive collaboration of LKL Staal with its foundries, a lot of practical experience and knowledge has been compiled. This supports LKL Staal in performing casting simulations.

Besides calculating the products, we also calculate the production process. All opportunities need to be optimally employed!

The output is a stable process with a consistent product.

You can find an example from reality of a casting simulation at Cases.

Shrinkage Casting simulation


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