LKL operates sustainably

LKL operates sustainably

Corporate responsibility is very important to LKL Staal. This means taking into account the effects of business operations on people, the environment and society. LKL Staal ensures that manufacturing occurs as environmentally friendly as possible. During the whole manufacturing process, from source to destination, the interests of humans and environment are taken into account.

Manufacturing occurs environmentally friendly, and waste disposal occurs in compliance with legal demands. Waste can be recycled thanks to this and other factors. This means that less material needs to be purchased, which saves on material costs. This also reduces the emission of harmful materials during transport.

Products are optimally packaged so that transport occurs as efficiently as possible, which results in less emissions. Packaging is optimised by LKL Staal for sea containers, and is collected after use at the customer, and sent back. Packaging materials is used up to 5 times. This is also interesting because a lot of sea containers are sent back to China empty. 

Of course, LKL Staal complies with all laws and regulations applicable to child labour, discrimination and working conditions. Safety and education of personnel are important to the policy of LKL Staal.

LKL Staal Safety first


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