Gears, drive systems and assembly

Providing additional value to customers has been a main goal of LKL, ever since being established in 1996. The first few years, this additional value was mainly restricted to purchasing metallurgic parts in China. The additional value was mainly the price. Delivery times were sometimes unreliable and the quality of the products was always a surprise. This was not necessarily a bad thing: the customers expected it and the price compensated it.

This changed in 2000: The necessity of reliability of delivery, quality and knowledge increased. Customers required more and the customer base expanded. Faith in China was not yet there though.

Nowadays, LKL Staal does not only deliver loose components (casting, forging, welding, CNC turn and mill work), but also more complex and essential components, such as gears, (complex) assemblies of components, drive systems (gearboxes, electronic engines), etc. Everything custom designed for the customer.

Components are inspected and manufactured (sometimes under own management in China, sometimes externally), inspected (under own management in China) and tested. LKL Staal delivers the quality the customer demands, but manufactured in China. This often results in huge purchasing benefits, without limiting the reliability of delivery or the quality.


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008

Quality has been a key focus area for LKL Staal for over 16 years. But what is the meaning quality for a customer? This differs in each situation (and even for each product). The automotive industry demanded to check the quality system of LKL Staal to the ISO 9001:2008 (demand ISO/TS 16949). 

We are proud to state that LKL Staal LLC is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV Netherlands. LKL Staal passed the audit without any remarks, which proves that LKL Staal is quality-minded and customer-oriented. 

Many companies focus on quality, and they can be quickly ISO 9001 certified. Reality shows that there are quite a few differences between the design and implementation of the ISO 9001 system. LKL excels in quality and process optimisation. This is true for the whole chain. All processes are highly automated, which simplifies and ensures inspections, in all countries. The opportunity to integrate customer-specific wishes in the ERP Package (Microsoft Dynamics AX) with a high degree of flexibility.  

You can expect the exact same quality level and continuous improvement processes in all LKL companies. Also in China.

LKL Staal works reliably for the benefit of its customers. In whatever area!

You can download a copy of the certificate by clicking here.

 LKL Staal BV ISO 9001:2008 certificaat

Production in China, Western quality

LKL Staal has specialised itself since 1996 in the production and purchasing of castings, forgings, weld assemblies (fabricated parts) and CNC machined components from China. 

A lot has changed since 1996. Quality demands have been increased globally, and markets have more and more requirements when it comes to flexibility, sustainability and reliability of delivery.

LKL Staal has developed into a high quality producer and supplier of metallurgical components, which offers value in the field of design up to the delivery. The goal is to combine Western quality demands with the advantages of producing in China. Everything is aimed at metallurgical components and components of this with other materials, such as synthetics and rubber.

Not just a cast, but complex assemblies are manufactured under own management, and tested and delivered to customers throughout the world. Certified delivery to, among others, railways, and the automotive and maritime industry, Products are assembled, inspected and packaged, adhering to the specifications of the customers. This results in an optimal purchasing price, without losing control. The Chinese LKL companies operate under Dutch Management.

3.1 certificates (chemical and mechanical) are the norm. These are made both in the factory and in LKL laboratories. In this manner, we can be sure delivery is made complying with the specifications of the customer.

LKL Staal has been certified by Lloyds to deliver to the railways. LKL Staal is also ISO 9001 certified by TÜV. 

Click here for the
ISO certificate.

LKL Staal delivers Western quality, from China




Students and graduates

LKL Staal is often approached by students for questions about their projects. LKL Staal tries to share knowledge and help as much as possible. It is busy, however, and the question is not always complete, which costs a lot of time.

The request is to always contact the sales department by phone.


Quality is the result minus the expectation

LKL Wuxi has a new location since 2013. The new site has been taken over due to the growing amounts of products and to create room for the future. The CNC processing branch of LKL Wuxi has purchased two new CNC machines.

Quality is result minus the expected value. An important pillar within the LKL Group.

LKL has been ISO 9001 certified by TÜV. LKL Staal also has certifications for products, provided by Lloyds.

LKL Staal Certificeringen



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